In 2004, I began finding hearts in all kinds of matter. They appeared in puddles, in charcoal for the barbecue, in the odd raspberry, in the oil splatter burn on my forearm, and it continued to such an extent that it warranted a closer look.

By 2008 my discoveries revealed that matter is found in one of three states:

Matter is found in the shape of a heart
Matter is found disintegrating from having been in the shape of a heart
Matter is found forming itself into the shape of a heart

A total of 365 ¼ findings, photographed and compiled over the course of seven years, averaging one a week, proposes an artistic model of matter that suggests:

1. Matter goes to heart
2. Matter comes from heart
3. Heart matters

Heart is difficult to locate in matter, yet it leaves its mark. These 365 ¼ glimpses into the matter of heart indicates its pervasive nature. These ongoing manifestations have me chasing heart matters around the world.

Danica Jojich, 2012.

Dedicated to all hearts